Join us, Tuesday - January 10th at 9:30am or 7:00pm for Soul Tools - a Study through the Proverbs.

All of us have deep heart longings; unspoken questions. Join us as we study spiritual truths - Soul Tools - from the Book of Proverbs. This 11 week topical study will include answers to consider about our search for happiness, our meaning, where our value lies, how to deal with anxiety, what is our identity among other topics. Share in worship, the Word and great small group discussions.

Come join us……and bring a friend!

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Carolyn Beckwith - AM

I am married to my high school sweetheart and we have 3 teenage boys. Originally from LA, I moved to SD almost 20 years ago. Hume Lake Christian Camp is where I met Jesus and gave my life to Him in high school. I enjoy all genres of music and love going to concerts. I am an avid book reader and I love to cook. Going to the beach trumps doing chores and eating chocolate after good work out is perfectly acceptable!

Jen Brem - AM

is a wife and mom. She loves a good book, a good conversation, and a good DIY project. She’s known Jesus since a young age. Though her spiritual journey has been far from unswerving , she loves that no matter what, Jesus never gave up on her, and His unconditional love and affection continues to restore and renew her today.

Jessi Burke - AM

is married and has three children. She gave her heart to the Lord at a young age and has continued to walk with God through the years of serving with her husband in ministry. She has a heart for women’s fellowship, especially connecting with young moms in the church. Jessi loves sushi, anything Jane Austin, and movies with happy endings. She is returning to Women’s Bible study this year.

Gail Carrasco - AM

loves to volunteer at church, especially with the prayer ministry. She enjoys crafty things, hiking, cooking and planting succulents.  In addition to her love for Jesus, she has a heart for women of all ages. Gail hopes to serve God in any way that she can.

Aurora Colello - AM

more information to come...

Lynn Dotson - AM

has been married for 18 years and has 3 children.  She has a heart for bringing women to become more dependent on Him as she continues to have a steady, strong walk with the Lord. She also has a passion for living a healthy lifestyle; however she will make an exception for pizza. Lynn is returning to women’s Bible study. Some interesting things about Lynn; she watches old movies, likes to paint watercolor, and goes for walks.

Tish Emrich - AM

I came to know the Lord in the mid 70’s during the Jesus movement. At that time, I read “The Late Great Planet Earth” by Hal Lindsey which explained biblical prophesy, which I very quickly loved and embraced. Having tried to open so many other doors and having wandered down so many other paths to find some meaning for my life, I was, and still am, eternally grateful that my search was finally over because I discovered that He, Jesus Christ, is the way the truth and the life. I have traveled worldwide to visit many wonderful places and have also had the opportunity to live in Saudi Arabia, Holland and Japan. Additionally, I spent a semester in Israel at the Calvary Bible College in Jerusalem. I have been blessed with the privilege to travel to Israel four times, and discovered that the Western Wall is my favorite place to be in this world. I have one lovely daughter and 2 adorable granddaughters. I love to ride my bike around Del Sur and also on Coronado where I lived for decades.

Judy Fizzard - AM

has 2 children and 7 grandchildren. She loves to cook, rubber stamp, watch the Hallmark channel, and listen to contemporary Christian music. If she is not doing those things, she looks forward to a new day so she can help other people draw closer to God. Judy is new to Women’s Bible study. Something interesting about her is that she likes to keep her drawers neat and tidy!

Myra Gillespie - AM

is married to her high school sweetheart and has three children. She came to know the Lord through a friend in elementary school. She spends her free time with her family and enjoys photography. She has a heart to encourage others and for Women’s Ministry. Myra is returning to Women’s Bible study this year.

Carol Hidalgo - AM

is happily married and has 3 children.  She is grateful for the people in her life that are able to counsel her and draw her closer to God.  Her heart for seeking God through prayer and His word is what motivates her to please Him.  In what little spare time she has, she likes to spend it in Pilates class, or at the beach.  Carol has a heart for women and a desire to encourage them in their walk with the Lord.

Janice Kawamura - AM

always wants to excel and try to make people happy, but most importantly to make Jesus happy.  She enjoys running, reading, and attending theatres/concerts in her free time.  She also has heart for helping military men and women and their families draw closer to Him.  Janice would consider herself a “giver” and an introvert who loves to plan, and organize.  An interesting fact about Janice is that she was an extra in the movie called “Come See the Paradise”.

Lindsay Klemaske - AM

has been married for 10 wonderful years and has 2 sons, Hunter and Preston. By the grace of God, she was able to forgive and forget her troubling past, and really live all for Him. Because of her unfortunate past, she hopes to help at least one person (but hopefully more) come to Christ as she did. If she is not spending time at the beach with her family, she likes to listen to Jack Johnson while eating sushi, chocolate, and fresh fruit.  Unlike most women, she does not enjoy salad and shopping.  She is new to Women’s Bible study and is eager to get to know more about the other ladies.

Lisa Koska - AM

is married with two teenage daughters. She enjoys listening to many genres of music and cooking Italian food. If she did have free time, she would ride horses, hike, travel, and read more. Little known facts: She barely ever watches TV and enjoys ballroom dancing. Lisa has a heart for the lost and has great interest in leading people to the true God. Lisa is returning to Women’s Bible study this year.

Bobi Lamp - AM

is married and has attended Maranatha for many years. She enjoys listening to worship music and Motown 60’s music. She also enjoys reading, aqua aerobics, and golf. Bobi loves setting goals and creating plans to achieve them. She was raised Catholic but came to know the Lord as a young adult. Bobi is returning to Women’s Bible study this year.

Sue LeClair - AM

is married with 4 grown children and 4 grandchildren. She enjoys listening to worship music and reading Christian devotionals. Sue has a heart for women’s ministry and is a gifted encourager and small group teacher. She loves going to the beach, hiking, and has fostered many dogs over the years. Sue is returning to Women’s Bible study this year.

Laura Longsworth - AM

more information to come...

Rachel Miller - AM

is a listener. She has a heart for people who go unnoticed and feel like outsiders. After a radical encounter with God in college, she decided to spend her days chasing after His heart. She is intrigued with the human experience and how to find beauty in the struggle. Rachel has a passion for music & lyrics, books, and photography. Her goal in life is to be a living testimony for the Kingdom, and invite others into the same transforming love that changed her life.

Patti Orderica - AM

married her high school sweetheart 46 years ago. She has five children and 8 grandchildren. She enjoys listening to Christian music, and her favorite movies include Pride and Prejudice and Avatar. She enjoys sewing, learning Korean, and planting succulents. Many people have raved about her homemade salsa. Patti loves serving in women’s ministry in prayer and hospitality. Patti is returning to Women’s Bible study this year.

Lori Poelman - AM

is married and has two sons. She was raised by a single mother and grew up in the Christian church. She came to understand the Lord has her loving heavenly Father in her 20’s. She enjoys listening to Country music, Christian, Pop and Rock. When she has the time, she likes to read books that help her grow spiritually, emotionally, or physically. She enjoys riding horses, spending time with family, walking her dogs, and Pilates. Lori is returning to women’s Bible study this year.

Gerry Repking - AM

is married, has two sons, and a lovely daughter-in-law. Gerry enjoys reading and listening to good books (the Bible being the best, of course!), doing math problems, playing bridge (albeit not well), watching Netflix and drinking coffee. (She wants to put exercise on that list, and should probably take Netflix off.) But most of all she loves Women’s Ministry and is thankful for the opportunity to serve in this capacity. Returning this year, her hope is that the women will feel accepted, learn to trust God first, and then each other, and know love as we see it revealed in our study of God’s Word!

Cynthia Turner - AM

is a giver.  She likes to know people on a more personal level and prefers small groups so she can get to know the “behind the scenes” of a person.  She enjoys classic movies, love stories, and walking on the beach. Through her experience of marriage, having children, her career, and divorce, she was able to see Jesus through it all.  This allowed Cynthia to become closer to God which was the most important thing. One thing you might not guess about her would be her ethnicity.

Janice Wark - AM

is married with 3 children and one grandchild. She has served in the church for many years in different areas and ministries. She enjoys listening to Christian music with powerful lyrics. Janice also enjoys spending time with her family, going to the beach, and riding motorcycles with her husband. She has a strong heart for worship, women’s ministry, and working with teens. Janice is new to Women’s Bible study this year.

PM Study

Kathy Atwood - PM

is married and has three grown children with five grandchildren. She has served the church in many areas for many years, and has a passion for women’s ministry. She enjoys reading Christian books that help her grow spiritually, and listening to worship music. Kathy enjoys crafts, scrapbooking, and playing cards with her friends. Few people know that she used to sing in an a capella choir for 4 years. She is returning to women’s Bible study this year.

Sylvia Bell - PM

was raised in a Catholic environment, and began a relationship with the Lord at age 17. Through some difficult seasons in recent years, she has come to trust God as provider and protector. Sylvia and her children are big movie buffs. She enjoys romantic comedies, action films, and oldies. She enjoys walking her three dogs and spending time with her grown children. She has a heart for helping women heal from believing falsehoods in their lives. Sylvia is returning to Women’s Bible study this year.

Ruth Getz - PM

immediately knew she wanted to be counted among God’s children at an early age. As she grew older, that desire intensified. She needed to make the public profession of what God was working in her heart. Ruth vividly remembers racing into her parents’ bedroom and announcing that she needed Jesus. At that moment on, her salvation became a reality to her.

Heather Marsh - PM

committed her life to Christ at a young age. She is married and has one step-son. She enjoys meeting other women who love the Lord and who also enjoy studying the Word. Heather is returning to Women’s Bible study this year.

Jane Mitchell - PM

has been married for 41 years and has 5 children, 3 boys and 2 girls. She enjoys making quilts, sewing, gardening, watching romantic comedies, and eating Chinese food. She has a heart for praying for people closer to God. Jane is new to women’s Bible study. Something interesting about her is that she played the flute for her high school marching band.

Cyndi Peterson - PM

more information to come...

Elaine Villalpando - PM

more information to come...

Laura Silance - PM

more information to come...

Sharron Starkey - PM

more information to come...

Lynn Rehr - PM

is married and has one married son. She has a servant’s heart and enjoys serving the women in ministry with God’s love. She enjoys digging nuggets out of the Word of God precept by precept. Lynn likes to oil paint, do beading and bible art journaling. She also likes to watch her husband surf and watch for the dolphins. Lynn is returning to Women’s Bible study this year.

Lorena Richards - PM

grew up in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. By divine intervention, a pastor mistakenly came to visit Lorena while she was in a hospital in Chula Vista. Caring friends from the church family lead her to meet Jesus as her Savior, and 24 years have now passed. She is married with 3 children. She enjoys classic rock music, fiction books, and drama movies. She also enjoys people watching at Disneyland. She has a heart for women’s ministry, single women, and troubled youth. Lorena is returning to Women’s Bible study this year.